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The implant, which is generally used in orthodontic treatments, is known as an artificial tooth root. It is placed on the jawbone and provides support to the prosthesis. The implant consists of fixed or removable prostheses, which are artificial tooth roots that are placed to the root of the tooth and used for a long time to eliminate the missing tooth.

It helps to achieve an aesthetic appearance and perform chewing and feeding functions. Implants are applied to eliminate the gaps in the roots of the teeth and to ensure that daily life has easily flowed.

If there are no teeth in the lower and upper jaws, implants are used to ensure the retention of the teeth in which the prosthesis cannot be used and when bone resorption occurs. In case of loss of molars where chewing processes take place, a bridge is created with an implant to fill the posterior regions.

With the implant applied to the edentulous area, the durability of other teeth is increased. When it comes to the loss of a single tooth that disrupts the integrity of the tooth, the teeth regain their former function with the use of implants without playing on the other teeth. The advantage of implant treatment is that it does not require an operation on other teeth.

In Which Situations Is Implant Treatment Applied?

Implants are very useful in gaining the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. In addition, the missing tooth can continue its function with the implant. For the application of an implant with an artificial tooth root added to the palate, the jaw and jawbone must be of a certain width and height. The area where the implant will be applied must be wide enough to accept the implant screw.

In quality implant applications, the health and structure of the jawbone are also very important. Gums need to support the application of implant treatment. Implants applied with healthy gums are more permanent and flawless. The bone structure of the jaw is very important in terms of applicability in implant treatment. The bone structure should be suitable for implant application.

How is the Implant Applied?

Clinical examination is very important in implant application. The most appropriate treatment method is determined with the advice of the dentist and the consent of the person. Although there is no age restriction for implant application, its application is not preferred in age groups where bone development is not fully achieved. The success of implant treatment with local anesthesia depends on a healthy jawbone and healthy gums. With the implant application, the function of the patient’s old teeth is fulfilled.

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