Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Nowadays, the removal of dental problems is related to the appearance of the tooth rather than dental disease. Aesthetic dentistry, with the combination of several branches of dentistry, aims to make the teeth look healthy as well as aesthetic in appearance. With the developing technology, the perception of aesthetic teeth becomes widespread and its development is ensured. As it is known, the appearance of the teeth also affects the physical outlook and social environment.

In aesthetic dentistry, the aesthetic appearance is determined according to the person’s mouth structure and dental needs. Thus, the methods and the applications in aesthetic tooth appearance vary from person to person. Apart from the mouth and teeth structure of the person, the physical appearance and facial features are very important. The most ideal aesthetic appearance is obtained according to facial features.

Aesthetic Dentistry Methods

As we mentioned, the applications in the field of aesthetic dentistry are based on the physical appearance of the person. The treatments and procedures we apply to provide an aesthetic appearance are performed by specialist dentists in our clinic. The aesthetic dentistry methods we apply are as follows:

  • Adhesive systems; It covers the changes made on the tooth with forms such as shape, size, and color. These applications are generally seen as tooth bonding processes. It covers applications such as repairing broken teeth, filling interdental spaces, and whitening tooth color with adhesive processes. This method is mostly used in aesthetic dentistry.
  • Composite filling; It is the most natural-looking filling type among dental fillings. It is also frequently used in aesthetic dentistry. The process is completed in a short time and a well-groomed tooth appearance is obtained.
  • Porcelain veneer is also a method that is widely used in the field of aesthetic dentistry in cases where there is more than one missing tooth. In addition, we can apply more than one type of porcelain tooth veneer in the form that will be most suitable for the teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry Scopes

Today, as in every field, aesthetics is a separate branch in dentistry. Aesthetic dentistry covers many processes and fields such as smile aesthetics, gum aesthetics, teeth whitening, porcelain laminate applications, implant applications. Our specialists choose the most suitable one among all these methods with your participation and obtain the aesthetic dental appearance as you want.