Dental Prostheses

Dental Prostheses

Nowadays, the teeth of individuals whose natural tooth structure has deteriorated can be easily corrected. Thanks to dental prostheses, it is possible to complete the lost or missing teeth for different reasons. The applied artificial teeth contribute to the health of the dental tissue. It also causes people to gain an aesthetic appearance. Prostheses can fully perform the functions of the teeth.

Our Types of Dentures

Among the main causes of tooth loss are teeth that are not well taken care of, teeth lost due to disease and tooth loss as a result of accidents. Regardless of the reason, instead of lost teeth, there are different types of prostheses that we offer. You can gain more aesthetic and functional teeth instead of your lost ones.

Tooth loss causes aesthetic deterioration and speech disorders due to the absence of teeth in the mouth. Our experienced dentists provide the solution to such problems with dental prostheses. Thus, our patients, who will have high-quality prostheses, will also feel good psychologically.

Our range of prostheses for oral and dental health.

  • Full and partial removable dentures,
  • Metal-free porcelain or metal-supported fixed prostheses,
  • Prostheses made on natural tooth roots (overdenture),
  • Prostheses applied to individuals with teeth grinding or clenching habits,
  • Prostheses made to eliminate hard and soft tissue losses in the face and jaw,
  • It is in the form of prostheses fitted after tooth extraction.

Dental Prosthesis Prices

Our specialist dentists apply the best quality prostheses to eliminate tooth deficiencies that negatively affect people’s quality of life. Thus, they also relieve the aesthetic concerns of our patients. For this reason, prosthetic treatment costs, which are very important, should be ignored to some extent.

The prices of dental prostheses will differ in terms of the needs, socioeconomic structures and expectations of our patients from the prosthesis. Tooth loss of our patients occurs in different cases. For this reason, another factor affecting our prosthesis prices is the number of teeth to be made. In addition, the materials to be used in the construction of the prosthesis affect our prosthesis prices.

You can make an appointment with our specialist dentists to provide prosthetics at the most affordable price. The material to be used and the price will be determined by mutual consultation with our dentist. After your first examination, it will be beneficial for you to act by following the recommendations given by our dentist.