Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

The appearance of our teeth is very important to us in our daily lives. Teeth whitening is the application to make existing teeth whiter than they are. With this method, which has been widely applied in recent years, it is aimed to remove genetic color change and stains caused by malnutrition. Thus, completely whitening is provided with tooth whitening gels to remove stains on the teeth.

Although your teeth look healthy and regular brushing is provided, they may not look white. You may think that your smile does not look aesthetic as a result of this color change. Teeth are the most basic element of self-confidence. Teeth whitening can be applied to any healthy tooth. In our clinic, with our expert staff and technical equipment, we find solutions to these color changes and provide the whitening you want in your teeth.

Loss of Whiteness of Teeth

Even in the womb, antibiotics affect the tooth structure. In our daily life, cigarette consumption drinks those stain teeth such as tea, coffee, and some foods that are not cleaned cause stains on the teeth and cause color changes. For such reasons, we resort to teeth whitening methods.

In this class, which we call internal discoloration, there are color changes that have penetrated the teeth, and they are not removed by brushing the teeth. In the other class, which we call external discoloration, it is formed by the consumption of beverages and foods that cause staining on the teeth, and teeth whitening processes are easily applied for cleaning. In our clinic, the most suitable method for your tooth structure is determined and whitening processes are applied to your teeth.

Teeth Whitening Application

Tooth gel is used for teeth whitening. In the application of these dental gels, it should not come into contact with a part in the mouth other than the tooth. There is a very inconvenience in contact with the lips and gums. For this reason, it is healthier to apply the teeth whitening process by a specialist. Our specialists determine the appropriate methods and applications for your teeth, taking into account tooth sensitivity. In addition, after the teeth whitening process, the effect of whiteness on the teeth is maintained for 2-3 years. However, your diet has an effect on whitening.

Our clinic meticulously implements teeth whitening procedures and monitors your teeth afterward. With our specialists being fully equipped, your tooth structure is analyzed, and appropriate procedures are indicated to you. We serve you at economical prices in accordance with hygiene conditions.