Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning

Due to reasons such as not brushing the teeth correctly and not being properly cared for, plaque accumulation occurs between the teeth surfaces and at the bottom of the gums, and tartar formation occurs over time. It is aimed to remove dental plaques and tartar formed by total care. Untreated and not cleaned, tartar and plaques spread to the gums and cause serious gum disease.

Tooth calculus and changes in tooth color are problems that are not self-cleaned and self- resolved. In addition, tartar is a growing and spreading dental problem. In other words, it should be cleaned when noticed. The formation of plaque on the teeth causes problems such as odor in the mouth, weakening of the tooth structure, bleeding in the gums and tooth staining. In order to solve these problems, it becomes necessary to get medical support.

With total care, a permanent solution is provided for plaque and calculus cleaning, which seems minor but causes major problems over time. If the plaques under the gingiva are not in the majority, no anesthesia is applied in total care. After the total care, the inflammations in the gums are eliminated, and after a short time, the gums regain their former healthy state.

Total Care Practices

Total Care includes certain applications. Such as:

  • Permanent removal of the calculus
  • Removal of stains on the tooth surface
  • Polishing on the tooth surface
  • In addition, cleaning the surface of the tongue, which is the target of many bacteria
  • Flossing and cleaning some residues left in the tooth space

Teeth cleaning is provided with many tooth cleaning applications as mentioned above and long-lasting healthy teeth are obtained.

Total Care Benefits

With total care, your teeth are fully cleaned, and your health is ensured. By the applications in many cleaning stages, it is aimed to prevent the problems in the teeth from growing and spreading to other parts of the mouth.

Hygiene conditions are prioritized for every procedure we apply to you in our clinic, and we provide service at economical prices. Your dental and oral health is guaranteed by the expert dentist staff. With our transparent service approach, we inform you at every stage of tooth-making and dental veneer processes.