Zirconium Teeth

Zirconium Teeth

The materials used in making zirconium teeth are mostly ceramic and porcelain. Porcelain and ceramic are shiny and solid. No metal material is used in making zirconium teeth. It is applied in the process of covering the tooth surfaces for an aesthetic looking. Zirconium is the veneer applied to the outer surfaces of the teeth to obtain an aesthetic appearance of especially the decayed teeth.

Zirconium is a natural-looking veneer with a solid structure. Due to its solid structure, breaking and cracking are often not experienced. It is highly resistant to structural disorder and wears, such as oxidation. Zirconium teethe are naturally structured teeth that are very compatible with the main teeth. In addition, they provide an aesthetic appearance in the anterior teeth and strength in the posterior teeth.

Zirconium Dental Veneer Application

Zirconium teeth are one of the most useful types of dental veneers to use. It is known for its durability as it is made of solid materials. The white color preserves its form for a long time. They are dental veneers that do not contain metal and have a lot of similarities to the main teeth. It does not cause tooth sensitivity and does not pose any inconveniences in the consumption of hot and cold foods.

We apply anesthesia to the patient to minimize the feeling of pain in the veneer processes in our clinic. Reduction and leveling processes are carried out in appropriate amounts on the teeth that are measured.

Tooth size and tooth color are selected according to the wishes of the people. In addition, temporary teeth are placed by our clinic to be used until the zirconium teeth are finished, and it is aimed not to disrupt daily life. Zirconium teeth are made ready for permanent use, even if the bonding technique is applied. It does not cause any harm or damage when coating the person’s own teeth. The reason why people prefer zirconium coating is that it is very comfortable and convenient to use.

Lifespan of Zirconium Teeth

Whether it is a person’s own tooth or a veneer, the service life and aesthetic structure depend on the care and cleaning. Although zirconium teeth are covered in a structure close to your own teeth, their care and cleaning should be done meticulously. In the case of excessive consumption of foods and beverages such as cigarettes, tea, coffee, etc. that leave stains on the tooth surface, and in cases where cleaning is not provided, deterioration in the structure of the teeth may occur.