Porcelain Laminate Teeth

Porcelain Laminate Teeth

Lamina dental aesthetic configuration, which we call porcelain veneer, is one of the veneers we apply. Porcelain laminate teeth: It is applied in cases such as deterioration, staining, and breakage on tooth surfaces, which we describe as aesthetic deterioration.

Porcelain laminate teeth, which are designed meticulously and carefully in accordance with the dimensions by taking the mouth and tooth measurements of the person, become ready for use by sticking them to the front parts of the teeth. It is very important that the lamina teeth adhered here are compatible and equal to the measurement. They should not erode each other with other teeth in the applied area. Lamina teeth are one of the dental procedures that give the most natural appearance. Due to its very thin appearance, its presence on the tooth is very difficult to understand.

In Which Situations Is Porcelain Lamina Teeth Applied?

Porcelain laminate teeth make the use inevitable in some cases. These situations are mainly:

  • It is used in cases where color balance does not result in teeth whitening.
  • It is applied when the tooth structure is deformed and unformed.
  • It is applied in cases of excessive tooth gap or tooth cavity.
  • It is also applied when repairing is required in broken or deformed teeth.
  • It is applied when treatment is needed in crooked, curved tooth structures.
  • Porcelain lamina dental treatment is applied in case the filling of the previously filled teeth is unusable.

This method can be applied to almost any tooth structure and anyone who wishes. We provide the closest aesthetic appearance to the natural appearance of the teeth. The desired tooth structure is obtained with minimal adjustment and correction. The materials used in the lamina teeth created by our clinic are made of solid, long-lasting, and durable materials. The treatment to be done on the model is recommended without directly interfering with the teeth, and the procedures are continued in that way.

How Long Do Porcelain Lamina Teeth Live?

Even if porcelain laminate teeth are in a solid structure, their lifespan is determined by care and cleaning. It should be known that the more meticulously care and attention are given, the longer its lifespan will be. Operations that may damage the structure of the teeth (such as cracking nuts like hazelnuts, walnuts with the teeth) should be avoided. Hard vegetables and fruits that can damage natural tooth enamel should not be consumed. We offer you the lamina dental treatment closest to your own teeth and most suitable for your mouth structure by our clinic.