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Aesthetic Smile Design

Aesthetic Smile Design

As it is known, the smile is the most important factor affecting the outlook. The application we call aesthetic smile design is the correction processes made by intervening in the teeth and gums that affect the smile.

Nowadays, clinics are not only applied for toothache, tooth loss, gum disease but also for the applications we call tooth appearance and aesthetic smile design, expert help is often sought.

Problems such as caries, crooked teeth, color change, and gum disease affect the smile and aesthetics. It may affect our social life negatively. Having healthy teeth does not mean we have an aesthetic smile. At the same time, there may be a problem in the gums or there may be a disproportionate alignment. Our clinic performs your dental analysis and applies the most appropriate method to create an aesthetic smile for you.

Which Teeth Is Smile Design Applied To?

In the application of aesthetic smile design, the facial features of the person, age maturity, and expectations are taken into account. In the first stage, gum problems are eliminated. Teeth are cleaned and decayed teeth are treated.

After cleaning and treatment procedures, gingival aesthetics is applied and teeth whitening methods are determined. With implant and prosthesis applications on the tooth, porcelain crowns and veneers are made, and smoothness is desired to be achieved. If necessary, we can even apply braces treatment on some teeth according to the dental needs. Thus, we perform the smile design according to the tooth needs and mouth structure.

How Do We Do Smile Design Procedures?

In the application of aesthetic smile design, it is very important for specialists to determine dental needs. The needs are determined according to the dimensions of the person’s mouth structure, and programs and plans are made for the treatment. Opinions of the person are taken for modifications and improvements on the model. Detections are done and deficiencies on the tooth begin to be eliminated. For example, if there is teeth cup and caries, they are treated. Afterward, the gums are aligned at the same level.

After the whole tooth structure is corrected and the level is adjusted, if necessary, teeth whitening is also performed. When all these processes are done, progress is made by taking the opinions of the person. Our clinic gives you information and takes your opinions at every dental application stage. With the transparent service concept we provide, we bring you together with the teeth you want with the peace of mind.