Tooth Crystal

Tooth Crystal

The appearance of our teeth is very important to us. Recently, dental accessories, which we call dental crystals, are produced and worn for our teeth. A beautiful appearance is obtained by sticking the tooth crystal to the tooth surface. In the process of bonding the dental crystals to the teeth, no abrasion is made on the teeth, and durability is ensured using special adhesives.

Tooth crystals do not fall out easily unless there is a hard bite. In addition, the falling tooth crystals can be re-glued. When the tooth crystal falls, it does not affect the tooth surface and does not harm the teeth. When you want to remove the crystal, it is removed at any time. After the polishing processes on the tooth surface, the teeth acquire their old appearance. There is no damage to the bonded tooth.

What is Tooth Crystal?

Dental crystals are dental accessories that will create a pleasant image on your teeth during your smiles on the teeth. Especially preferred by women, dental crystal is frequently preferred today due to its easy use and easy removal when desired. Dental crystals that you apply within the scope of your own possibilities may fall due to poor quality adhesives.

What’s more, the fallen crystal may leave a permanent discoloration of the tooth. The poor-quality adhesive may overflow around the dental crystal causing discoloration and plaques. Therefore, it is healthier for you if the dental crystals are attached by a specialist.

How To Attach Tooth Crystal?

Recently you can find and wear dental crystals almost everywhere. However, the adhesives used to adhere the dental crystal to the tooth surface are qualitatively different from the adhesives used by dentists.

While the dental crystal is attached by our dentists, the use of an adhesive that will not harm the tooth surface and tissue is ensured. We obtain the desired tooth appearance by taking your opinion. In addition, the tooth crystal does not require any special care. Daily cleaning operations can be continued. Although the tooth crystal does not change the color of the teeth, the color of the tooth crystal does not change either. With the smooth surface of the tooth crystal, it does not disturb the lips and you while eating.

Tooth crystal is a practical dental accessory that can be used easily and makes your appearance beautiful.