Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic Treatments

There is a level and sequence that our tooth structures should be. Orthodontic treatments have been developed to eliminate these problems because the tooth structure is different in size and crooked than it should be. Orthodontic treatments examine the abnormally developing tooth structure, the face, the jaw, and the mouth structure to solve the disorder and the problems. With the orthodontic treatment service in our clinic, we correct the crooked tooth structure as the person wants.

The jaw structures are one of the parts where the most deterioration and problems occur in the human body. The jaw structure can be anterior or posterior. In some cases, it causes orthodontic problems with jaw mismatch. Most orthodontic problems are seen from infancy. Thumb sucking puts pressure on the palate. Sucking pacifiers and nail-biting habits of children can cause orthodontic problems. In addition, premature loss of deciduous teeth causes crooked formation in other teeth, thus requiring orthodontic treatments.

With the application of orthodontic treatments, it is aimed to arrange the teeth correctly and to provide tooth alignment compatible with the jaw structure. Specialists decide to apply orthodontic treatments. When deciding on the treatment, the detection of crooked teeth, the determination of problems, and the methods of eliminating them are taken into consideration.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatments aim to obtain the appropriate tooth alignment for the mouth and jaw structure. Misbehaviors or structural disorders from childhood necessitate orthodontic treatment. After deciding on the right methods and stages in the treatments, the environment and dental hygiene are provided. For this reason, before starting the treatment, the teeth with caries and plaque are cleaned and made ready for the treatment.

How Are Orthodontic Treatments Applied?

The treatment begins when the mouth and teeth are completely cleaned and free of cavities and plaques. Measurements and analyses taken for treatment are developed over the model and progress is conveyed to the people through the model.

The application of orthodontic treatments varies from person to person. Because each person’s teeth, jaw, and mouth structure differ. The determination of orthodontic problems and the most appropriate treatment method is shared with the patient. With the help of appliance, the patient’s mouth remains open during the treatment process and the application of the treatment is facilitated. Our clinic brings you the teeth you want with the most affordable prices and the most accurate methods.