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Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic Fillings

Aesthetic fillings are the most natural and most compatible dental fillings. In this type of filling, when starting the filling process, the choice of filling color is in the same tone as the person’s own tooth. Thus, a natural appearance is obtained with the filling suitable for the tooth structure and color. Because the aesthetic fillings are not visible inside the tooth, an aesthetic appearance is obtained.

With the developing technology and the activation of social life, there is a demand for aesthetic fillings due to the fact that people’s teeth health and aesthetic concerns increased. The fact that normal fillings draw attention to the mouth may not look aesthetically pleasing. The reason why aesthetic fillings are frequently preferred is that they are never noticed with the naked eye in the mouth and between the teeth. Thus, those who have aesthetic fillings can smile as they wish. Aesthetic fillings can be easily applied with no pain.

Why is Aesthetic Filling Made?

Aesthetic fillings are made with local anesthesia by ensuring that only the essential area is numb. Since it is an easily applicable method, the procedure is completed in a single session. Teeth that need to be cleaned are cleaned and decayed teeth are repaired. Afterward, the area where the filling will be placed is carved and the ground is created to facilitate the adhesion of the filling.

After the tooth surface is smoothed, bonding is applied to the area in order to bond the filling well. The tooth filling adheres to the area after the color is adjusted. The size and height of the infill are very important.

Irradiation processes are performed on the filling and it is made suitable for the tooth. Performing the procedure in a single session is very comfortable for patients. Problems such as plaque and caries on the teeth should be immediately removed and cleaned. These problems may not remain in the same dimensions but may spread.

The cavity left after the removal of dental plaque and caries is filled with filling. Due to the inevitable use of filling, filling processes have been developed in many types and structures. Aesthetic fillings are the most compatible with the teeth among these filling types. They are invisible dental fillings.

How Long Is the Life of Aesthetic Filling?

Aesthetic fillings are one of the most durable filling types because they are created with a filling material called composite. In addition, the service life of the fillings in the teeth, which are regularly cleaned and maintained, will be longer. Unless problems such as leakage between the teeth do not occur, the service life of the filling is longer.