Root Canal Treatment

If your tooth is infected or very decayed, root canal treatment is applied to your tooth. With this treatment method, the tooth does not need to be extracted. Thus, the tooth is saved. This treatment process, which is essential for your dental health, is carried out practically by our expert dentists. You can easily use your best-treated tooth for many years.

Painless Root Canal Treatment

During this treatment to your tooth canal, you may think that there will be a pain. But there is no painful condition. You will feel very little pain during root canal treatment. Since our dentists apply local anesthesia, your pain sensation will be minimized. It is very natural for you to be sensitive during the procedure. This sensitivity is also due to damage to the dental pulp.

Root canal treatment is the most used method for tooth salvage or removal of abscess in the tooth. If you have severe pain in your tooth before the treatment, it will be normal to experience very mild aches after the treatment. But if you still feel uncomfortable with the pain, you can call our dentist and ask for help.

There will be points that you need to pay attention to after your treatment is finished. Let’s list the points you should pay attention to:

  • Sometimes this treatment does not end in a single session. In such a case, you should try not to use your teeth until your next session. In addition, you should not consume very hot or very cold foods to avoid pain.
  • We recommend that you do not eat anything for the first two hours after the treatment.
  • Even if your treatment is completely over, it will be good to avoid very hot or very cold foods for a few days.

Root Canal Treatment Prices

The treatment process of the tooth canal is applied to cover several sessions depending on the condition of the damage to the tooth of the person. We perform the treatment in a sterile environment by our specialist dentists. We offer the most effective treatment as a service to our customers in our clinic equipped with advanced technology instruments. Our dentists, who are experienced in their fields, complete their procedures painlessly and practically.

Our root canal treatment prices will differ according to the structure of the tooth and the number of teeth to be treated. For this, you can make an appointment with our specialist dentists and state your complaints. Our dentist, whom you will meet, will identify your teeth that require treatment and notify you. If you have pain, he will prescribe medication if necessary to relieve it. You can start the treatment by talking about the sessions and the price with our specialist.