Hooked Dentures

Hooked Dentures

Hooked dental prostheses can be applied to people who cannot have fixed prostheses. This type of prosthesis is also called a partial denture. This prosthesis is attached to the natural tooth in front of the edentulous area with a hook. Prosthesis stages are started with the measurement taken by our experienced dentists. The prepared prosthesis becomes ready for use in an average of two weeks after various rehearsals.

Our Hooked Dental Prostheses That Meet Your Expectations

These prostheses, which are called partial, are supported by the connection of the hooks in their structure with the teeth. The first time you use it, the mold may feel tight to you. But as time passes, you will feel more comfortable. Although not as comfortable as fixed prostheses, using these prostheses will provide you convenience while eating.

Hooked dental prostheses have metal parts that pass through the lower and upper jaws in the mouth. It will be possible to get used to these parts over time. After a certain time, you will get used to dentures like your own teeth.

These hooked prostheses have cleaning tablets. Pour the tablet into a glass of water and prepare the mixture. Then you can easily clean it by putting your prosthesis in this mixture. If you want, you can clean these prostheses by purchasing their special brushes.

Our successful dentists will make the prosthesis suitable for your measurements and expectations in the dental prosthesis laboratory. You will not have any problems with the retention of this prosthesis. You will be able to perform all the functions you do with your teeth most comfortably with the prosthesis.

The hooks in the structure of hooked dental prostheses, which we prepare according to your needs, prevent the prosthesis from being removed. Therefore, your denture will not move while eating. If you feel loose on the hooks as you use them, we can easily tighten the hooks to prevent your prosthesis from moving.

You Can Consult Us About Dental Prosthesis

Our specialist dentists will not cause any damage to your natural teeth during the partial denture procedure. They are prostheses that are applied directly by taking measurements from the jawline.

If any breakage occurs while using these prostheses, you can easily have them repaired. The repair time will vary depending on the size and shape of the break in the prosthesis. However, it will be repaired in a few days at the latest.

Our professional dentists follow the stages of hooked dental prostheses meticulously and offer the best to your service. You can use these prostheses for many years after regular maintenance and hygiene. It will be enough to contact us to find out whether these prostheses with hooks are suitable for you. Our experienced dentists in prostheses will design quality dental prostheses at an affordable price according to your needs.