Snap-on Palate Holder (Appliances)

Snap-on Palate Holder (Appliances)

Nowadays, many alternative treatment methods have been developed for the solution of tooth and jaw problems. One of them is the detachable mouthpiece that people can use on their own. Snap-on palate is used to treat the crooked teeth and narrowness of the jaw. The palate holders, which are generally used for certain intervals, are an apparatus that people can easily put on and take off after a while. In addition, these palates are designed according to the jaw structure of the person.

  • You can engage in all activities throughout the day with the palate you wear.
  • After each meal, the removable palate should be brushed together with the teeth.
  • It can be easily stored in hygienic containers given to you by our clinic for the protection of your palate.
  • Orthodontic treatments do not require intervention at all ages. There are different treatment methods applied by specialists to every age group.

Snap-on palatal detachment is the apparatus produced for the elimination of the problem in the younger age group without orthodontic treatment. In this way, problems that can be solved with small interventions are treated, and when they are prevented from turning into serious ailments.

In younger age groups, deciduous teeth may fall out early. Other teeth may slip into the primary teeth space and crooked teeth may occur. One of the methods developed to eliminate this distortion is the removable plate holder.

Why is a palate holder used?

The jaw structure of humans is hereditary. Some jaw structures are narrower than they should be, and it is not possible to fit all the teeth. Pre-intervention on these jaw structures facilitates the treatments to be applied after.

With the removable palate, the width of the jaw structure can be created, and comfortable dental treatments can be applied. Crossed teeth also cause breakage and damage to other teeth. Fracture formation is prevented by attaching it to the crooked tooth parts with the palate. Some habits in infancy can disrupt the tooth structure. Thumb sucking of babies puts pressure on the palate and causes the teeth to protrude.

How long is the palate holder used?

With the regular use of the detachable palate, improvement can be seen in the structure of the teeth and jaw in 6 or 8 months. These periods and the course of improvement should be followed by the specialist and the duration of use should be determined. Removal of appliances should be for cleaning and eating. Apart from this, the use of appliances should be continuous. Cleaning can be done with water and a brush.