Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are smaller in diameter than implants used in other implant treatments. Implants are applied to the roots of the dentures to increase the durability of the dentures in the mouth and at the same time prolong the life of the dentures.

As an implant application suitable for all age groups, it is a dental treatment method that is frequently applied in the elderly as well, who have other health problems. In our clinic, this process is done with the best quality materials at affordable prices. In implant applications, no operation is performed on healthy teeth and their texture does not deteriorate.

The durability of the prostheses attached to the implants increases and gains strength. Being mini-implants they are easily placed in the mouth. In addition, its application only on the missing tooth does not affect the health of other teeth. Teeth with implant application are not distinguished from other teeth. So, you can smile easily. The use of implants is highly preferred due to its aesthetic appearance and is common in dental surgery. Mini dental implants are a very low-cost dental application due to their small diameter compared to other implants. In this application method, the tooth with mini-implant is adapted to the healthy teeth, without any extra process.

What is a Mini Implant?

Usually, most people experience tooth loss due to tooth decay or progressive plaque and calculus problems. Implant application is performed to increase the strength of the tooth to be inserted, to regain both the aesthetic appearance and the function of the lost tooth.

People who experience tooth loss want continuous use of teeth with effortless and durable treatment. Implants strengthen the denture permanently by fixing the denture to the jawbone. Thus, unlike the plug-in tooth methods, it forms like the main tooth. It is possible to apply the implants to the jawbone if there is an appropriate jaw structure. Implant application is performed according to the strength of the jawbone.

How is the Mini Implant Applied?

Mini dental implants are easy to use and easily placed in the mouth with their small size. The jawbone should be durable, and the jaw surface should be wide enough for the area to be implanted. Our clinic deals with the treatment methods approved by specialist dentists, and we develop permanent solutions to your dental problems. Thus, we help you to gain aesthetic mouth structure.