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All On Four Implant Technique

All On Four Implant Technique

The all-on-four implant technique, which is preferred by people who have problems with their teeth, is a very effective implant technique in strengthening. Two implants are placed in the front of the jaw and two implants are placed in the back of the jaw. The thickness of the jawbone should be thick enough for the two implants to be applied to the lower jaw. With prostheses placed on the implant, the chewing function of the tooth is restored. Hereby, toothlessness disappears.

With the All on four implant technique, measurements are taken before the application and a temporary prosthesis is made, and these prostheses are given to the patient until the implant application. Then the teeth are prepared for the implant application. Teeth with cavities, calculus or tooth decay in the mouth are cleaned and tried to be saved.

After the teeth are cleaned, the jaw surface in the area where the implant will be applied is examined. The jaw surface should be wide enough for the implant and the jawbone should be strong enough. It is recommended that people with temporary prostheses do not consume hard foods. In addition, the implants are placed at an angle and the movement of the jaw is controlled.

What is the All on Four Treatment?

The fixation of the dental prosthesis is ensured by the quadruple implant to be applied and the service life is considerably extended. Permanent prosthesis with quadruple implants is surgically attached to edentulous people. It does not require extra treatment on the jaw, just the toothless area is intervened.

The implant application angles differ from person to person, and all four implant technique compatible with the jaw structure is applied. Cleaning and maintenance are easier and more practical than other implant applications. The fixation of the dental prosthesis creates an alternative for those who cannot use a removable dental prosthesis. This implant technique can be applied to anyone with a strong jawbone structure. Computed tomography is used before deciding on this technique. Thus, implant applications can be made following the patient’s teeth and jaw dimensions.

How to Do All on Four?

With all on four implant technique, removable or temporary dental prostheses are fixed with the use of quadruple implants. In this way, dental prostheses are fixed by placing a small implant in the mouth at an angle, and the teeth of edentulous patients are gained with these prostheses. In addition, the cleaning of other teeth is ensured, and the procedure is performed only on the necessary teeth. Healthy teeth are not interfered with.