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3D Jaw and Tooth Tomography

3D Jaw and Tooth Tomography

With 3D jaw and tooth tomography, the inner structure and environment of the teeth are shown in multiple projections and provide us with the opportunity to examine. It is very helpful in making the correct diagnosis of the disorder or problem and in planning the appropriate treatment. The jaw structure can be handled as a whole in tooth tomography. Tomography is taken to examine the lower and upper regions in a 3D environment and to separate the mouth structure into detailed stages. It also gives us information about the bone structure in implant applications and offers the opportunity to examine it in three dimensions.

Every detail of the cysts and tumors seen in the jaw regions is displayed and detailed examination is provided. Maxillofacial tomography used in dentistry is different from normal tomography. Radiation emitted in jaw tomography, which scans a small area, is very small and does not affect health. With the tomography taken, the information of the finest details is obtained and the most suitable method can be preferred.

With 3D jaw and dental tomography, we can know whether the jawbone can withstand the treatment to be applied by considering the jawbone in three dimensions. For the implant, which is one of the most applied treatments, it is necessary to have information such as the width of the jaw and the strength and thickness of the jawbone. Obtaining this information is now very easy with the developing technology.

What is Dental Tomography?

With dental tomography, the features and problems of the face, jaw and mouth regions are determined and the most appropriate treatment can be applied. Owing to these tomographs, the arrangement and alignment of all teeth can be carefully examined, even in the smallest detail. It enables problems of small sizes to be doubled. In this way, the diagnosis of the problem can be made most accurately. It is also very useful in determining the location of the jaw fracture.

What Is Dental Tomography Taken For?

3D jaw and dental tomography also help in the correct detection of infections in the teeth and jawbone. It is very helpful in finding the source of pain in the jaw and teeth. Endodontic treatment helps dentists to detect root canals when necessary. It is a very useful method in finding and detecting the source of many problems and discomforts like this.