Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry offers patients a painless and ache-free treatment with the use of a laser. It is one of the new generation treatment methods in dentistry. Most of the time, there is no need for anesthetizing the tooth. In laser dentistry, the entire treatment takes place with a laser. Laser dentistry applications are a suitable treatment method especially for people and children who are afraid of dentists.

What are the Advantages of Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry is mostly applied without the need for anesthesia. That’s why no needles are used. This system is very advantageous for patients with needle and dentist phobia. In addition, anesthesia is not suitable for people with heart disease and pregnant women. It is useful to use lasers in the treatment of these people.

After the use of laser in the treatment, there is no sensitivity or pain in people. In dental treatments, a sterile environment is created in the area where the laser is applied with the rays given by the laser. While the laser is working, it does not make any disturbing noise and does not create vibration.

There is no bleeding in the gums of the patients while laser treatment is being applied. Compared to other methods, recovery after treatment is faster and more comfortable. Pressure, pain, swelling, redness or complications that may occur after traditional treatment are reduced to a minimum with laser dentistry.

Is It A Reliable Method?

Since the laser beam we use in our clinic does not contain radioactive properties, there is no harm in its use in terms of health. Laser dentistry applications are suitable for patients with heart diseases, diabetes, children and pregnant women. In our clinic, we provide this service by our specialist dentists.

For Which Dental Treatments Do We Apply?

In our clinic, we use laser dentistry in many dental disorders or while performing aesthetic procedures. We use laser for infections in the gums, reducing tooth sensitivity, pain in the jaw joint, sterilization of root canals.

We use laser dental treatment in teeth whitening processes, cutting gums and lengthening teeth, and making the color of the gums lighter. We use laser treatment in digital smile design, which aims to give an aesthetic look.

We also use laser application in filling treatment to easily clean carious tissues and to minimize the problems that may occur in root canal treatment. Among the areas of use of laser dentistry are the treatment of aphthae and herpes simplex. To get more information about laser dentistry and to benefit from this process, you can contact us from the contact information on our website.