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Gum Aesthetics

Gum aesthetics, also known as pink aesthetics, helps people have an aesthetic smile by correcting gum problems such as gingival recession or asymmetrical disorders. In gingival aesthetics, it is important that the color of the gingiva is light pink and firmly adhered to the tooth and bone.

During gingival aesthetics, the gingiva is shaped according to the needs of the person and a beautiful smile is aimed. Care is taken to ensure that the gums are healthy before shaping. If the gingiva is swollen, red or bleeding, first of all, the treatment of these problems is worked on. Then the aesthetic procedure is performed.

How Do We Apply Gum Aesthetics?

Gum aesthetic application varies from person to person. Because we apply the process considering the problem that the person has. In our clinic, our specialist dentists perform the procedure that is most suitable for the problem and mouth structure of the patients. One of the concerns in this procedure is pain. Since local anesthesia is applied in gingival aesthetics, people do not feel pain. The application is performed by laser processing and is an easy method.

In the aesthetic application, the gingival cutting process called gingivectomy is performed according to the need. With the gingivoplasty procedure, the gingiva is shaped, and the sizes of the teeth are lengthened and equalized. Thus, a smooth tooth structure emerges. The appearance of the gums that comes in sight too much while laughing is worked on. This procedure is generally performed in a short time without bleeding. Recovery time differs from patient to patient. On average, it takes 10-15 days.

What are the Benefits of Gum Aesthetics?

Apart from preventing gum diseases and tooth loss, there are many benefits that gum aesthetics provide to people. One of them is a perfect smile. Having a striking smile reduces people’s aesthetic concerns. Thus, they can communicate confidently in their social or business life.

Gingivitis that may occur with gingival aesthetics is prevented. Mouth sores, bad breath and bleeding in the gums are prevented. Tooth lengths are equalized with each other and gain a smoother appearance. The tissues surrounding the teeth are made healthier. To obtain all these advantages, you can benefit from the gingival aesthetics service in our clinic and make your smile perfect.