Digital Anesthesia

Digital needle, also known as digital anesthesia, which replaces dental needles, is one of the best technologies for people with needle or doctor phobia. In digital anesthesia, an anesthetic is administered by considering the tissue pressure of the person. This procedure causes almost no pain while being applied.

It is advantageous as it is possible to regulate digital anesthesia according to the pain threshold of the patient. Digital anesthesia begins with numbing the gums. After the gingiva is anaesthetized, the anesthetic substance is given to the gingiva using a digital anesthesia device.

Why Don’t You Feel Pain with the Digital Anesthesia Method?

One of the biggest advantages of this method is the absence of sensitivity and pain in people after the digital anesthesia procedure. The reason why you will not feel pain in this procedure is the anesthetic liquid. The liquid injected into the gingiva with a digital anesthesia device is applied slowly to the individual.

Structurally, the tip of digital needles is much thinner than other dental needles. This delicacy also plays a role in minimizing the pain you will feel. Digital anesthesia is a very effective and painless method in the dental treatment of children.

What Does Digital Anesthesia Offer You?

The digital anesthesia method applied by the specialists in our clinic is very easy and fast. It provides great comfort for patients who are afraid of needles and worry about them. It is a personalized treatment, and the process is carried out specifically for each patient. While applying, tissue sensitivity is taken into account and the pain that may occur due to the procedure is significantly reduced.

Local anesthesia to numb the gums is very painless and ache-free. It simplifies not only the local anesthesia part but also the treatment and shortens the duration of the treatment. By using the developing technology, it reduces the negative attitude of the patients towards dental treatment. It can be applied to any patient. It does not cause any harm to people’s bodies and is the same as the anesthetic used in normal anesthesia.

How Do We Apply Digital Anesthesia?

We use a special gel while applying the digital anesthesia method in our clinic. We apply anesthetic solution to the gingiva with the digital anesthesia device to numb the gingiva. The needle of this device has a very thin tip and is disposable. It is very safe in terms of hygiene.

The procedure, which is applied considering the sensitivity and texture of the person, aims at the least pain. The amount of anesthetic to be applied is also determined individually.