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Invisible Orthodontic Treatment (Invisalign)

Invisible Orthodontic Treatment (Invisalign)

With the development of technology, wire-free orthodontic treatment is applied to eliminate conditions such as spaced tooth structure, misalignment of crooked teeth and non-closing jaw structure. As an alternative to braces that have to be used for a long time, which is considered one of the old methods, invisible treatment is applied. With the use of transparent plaque, which is one of the innovative treatment methods, there is no need for wire insertion, which is very difficult to use.
It is aimed to correct the teeth and prevent structural deterioration again. Teeth are corrected with transparent plaques without the use of metal and ceramics, which are created by keeping the preferences of the patients in the foreground.
A comprehensive examination is carried out to diagnose and determine the treatment method in jaw-related problems; Along with the jaw, the head, face, mouth and tooth structure are examined, diagnosis is made, and treatment is applied.
With removable transparent plaques, it can be used easily without the appearance of disturbing wires, and a dental treatment alternative that can be removed when desired has been created. It minimizes the pain caused by metal braces in the mouth and creates a painless treatment method.

How is Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Performed?

The use of transparent plaque, which is given and used in the stage of invisible orthodontic treatment, is very practical and hygienic. It can be easily removed from the teeth and cleaned easily with the help of a brush and water. In addition, as in wire therapy, we do not see cuts on the cheeks and lips of metals and wires.
It is easily removable in outdoor activities and in cases where it is required to be removed. However, in terms of easy removal, oral and dental hygiene is fully provided. In addition, with its transparent appearance, it is not visible in the mouth and the appearance of wire use does not occur here. However, we obtain the aesthetic image. In terms of full fusion, aligners can give faster results.

To Whom Is Invisible Orthodontic Treatment Applied?

Invisible orthodontic treatment can be applied to any age group whose tooth development has been completed with its applicability. Thanks to its easily removable structure, it can be easily applied in the younger age group. Transparent plaques can be easily removed in activities such as mass meals and participation in activities can be easily achieved. Measurement and development processes on the model are shared with the patient and their approval is obtained.