Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign)

Invisible Orthodontics (Invisalign)

Generally, wire-free orthodontics is used in the treatment of crooked teeth. For those who do not prefer the use of braces due to their appearance, the use of invisible orthodontics, also known as transparent plaque, is preferred. In this way, an aesthetic appearance has been obtained and it is invisible due to its transparent appearance. With this method, which is developed for each tooth structure, the crookedness of the teeth is eliminated, and the proper alignment of the teeth is ensured. Oral hygiene is provided with transparent plaques that change every 15 days.

While preparing the plaques, which are designed as three-dimensional and developed on the model, the patient is informed, and his opinions are taken. The sizes and models determined with the consent of the patient are molded into transparent plaques and left to use. One of the reasons why it is widely applicable is that it can be easily applied to all age groups. It is used in every tooth structure, regardless of age. It allows you to eat comfortably with its easily removable structure. Although not heavy distortions, but the removal of mild and moderate distortions is possible with the invisible orthodontic method. It can be applied immediately with the decision of the specialist and the teeth can be treated in a short time.

What is Invisible Orthodontics?

Wire-free orthodontics is the treatment of mild tooth disorder and crookedness, using transparent aligners without the application of metal wires. If the application of invisible treatment will be in the pediatric age group, it is preferred that the deciduous teeth have fallen, and the development of the teeth has been completed.

If the deciduous teeth have fallen and the formation of the molars has been completed, invisible treatment can be applied for every child. With invisible orthodontics, our daily life is also facilitated. Since it has a function, such as being removed, when necessary, in the work or school environment, we can easily carry out our work. Metal wires in the mouth can cause discomfort. With the use of invisible orthodontics and transparent plaques, no discomfort is created in the mouth and comfortable movement is provided.

How Is Invisalign Treatment Performed?

Your orthodontist will take impressions from your mouth. These will be digitally transferred to the computer environment via the 3D scanning method called the CAD-CAM system. The teeth in the digital environment are moved to their desired positions by computer simulation. A clear aligner is produced according to for each 0.05 mm movement phase. In our clinic, the patient’s mouth, teeth, and jaw structures are examined with advanced technology and the most accurate treatment method is applied together with our specialist dentists.