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Invisible Orthodontics for Children (Invisalign First)

Invisible Orthodontics for Children (Invisalign First)

Nowadays, many methods are used for the correction of the alignment of the teeth, for the aesthetic appearance of the glazing and the correction of crooked teeth. In addition to the use of wire orthodontics, the invisible orthodontic method is more preferred for children whose use is simpler and more practical.

As it is in a snap-on structure with no wire or metal product, the transparent plaques are used for the formation of healthy teeth in children. With its invisible transparent structure, it does not disturb children in any way.

  • It is removable and can be easily removed when needed and can be re-attached later.
  • In addition, the transparent plaques provided for the application of invisible orthodontics can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • It is highly preferred for use by children due to its hygienic nature.
  • It does not affect the appearance of children, as it has no wires and disturbing structure, and it is ensured that they can use it easily.
  • Both the tooth crookedness is eliminated and the cuts and wounds that the wire may form in the mouth are prevented.
  • With the color change palate, the control of your child’s wearing is provided by color change.
  • When it is to be removed, it can be easily removed from the side with the buttons.

What is Invisalign Treatment?

The transparent palate used in invisible orthodontic treatment for children is easy to maintain due to the low indentations and protrusions. In this way, the cleaning of the mouth and the transparent palate is easily provided, and oral care can be done easily daily.

We witness many times that children give importance to appearance and do not want treatment because of their wire appearance. The solution to this is invisible orthodontics. It does not attract attention as it is not visible in the mouth and has the same appearance as other teeth; Its use does not disturb children.

Advantages of the Invisible Orthodontic Method

Invisible orthodontics for children is replaced every ten or fifteen days, and dental control is followed by the dentists. It is very practical for children to use the transparent plate with its full fit on the teeth. With invisible orthodontics, children are accustomed and prepared for the main treatment to be done after the age of 12. By obtaining the aesthetic appearance of children by our clinic; this method is one of the treatment applications developed and meticulously carried out so that they can easily use it.