Precision Attached Dentures

Precision Attached Dentures

If the fixed prosthesis is not suitable for those with multiple missing teeth, precision attachment dental prostheses are the solution. People call this type of prosthesis with snaps. Concealed retainers in snap-in prostheses are placed in the slots prepared in the teeth. Concealed holders are not hook-shaped. For this reason, this prosthesis provides a more aesthetic appearance in people.

We Provide the Most Comfortable Use in Dental Prosthesis

We prepare these fixed prostheses with semi-precision attachment by taking measurements from our patients and making various rehearsals. This preparation takes an average of 5 sessions. In other words, two weeks are enough for these prostheses to find their final form.

There are sensitive parts in prostheses called snap fasteners. These parts are seated in the slots prepared in the teeth. For the first time, users will feel a very tight mould when inserting and removing these parts. As precision attachment dentures are used, the part will be inserted and removed more comfortably. Snap-in dental prostheses have metal parts that pass under the tongue and palate. Those who use this prosthesis get used to these parts over time.

The precision attachment models of the dental prostheses should be cleaned under running water. In addition, it should be cleaned with soap and a brush. The brush to be used can be a toothbrush. Our professional dentists design these prostheses in a way that the patient can use

most comfortably. Among the prosthesis types, sensitive attachments are adjusted by our dentists to get the best support from soft tissue and natural teeth.

Precision attachment dental prostheses allow you to perform the bite, cutting and grinding functions in the best way. These prostheses will not move while you are eating. Because the parts that fit into the sockets prevent the prosthesis from coming off. If you feel looseness in the sensitive connections of the prosthesis over time, you can easily change the tires. In addition, these prostheses have an aesthetic look. Because the part where they get support from the teeth is in the prosthesis and cannot be seen.

How is the procedure done?

It is necessary not to damage the sensitive connection parts while putting on and removing the snap-in prosthesis. Insertion and removal of the prosthesis should be done slowly and carefully. After making sure that the prosthesis is fully inserted in the mouth, the jaw should be closed. You should not place the prosthesis by closing your jaw. In such a case, the ports will be damaged. Therefore, we recommend that you use the prosthesis carefully.

You can contact us for any information about precision attachment dentures. You can make an appointment with our dentists to find out if these prostheses are suitable for you. If you want to use snap-on prostheses with the best quality at the most affordable price, our expert staff will help you.