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Frenectomy (Lip / Tongue Tie Removal)

Frenectomy (Lip / Tongue Tie Removal)

Cutting and removing the frenulum tissue is called frenectomy (lip/tongue tie removal). The frenulum is the soft mucous tissue between the cheek, lip, tongue and gingival tissue. The number of the frenulum in a person’s mouth varies from person to person. This tissue is found under the tongue in everyone. The frenulum can be found more than once above the lower and upper anterior teeth and in the posterior region of the cheek.

Our Painless Solutions in Frenectomy Procedure

The structure of the frenulum may be larger and thicker than normal. If these structures are attached too close to the edge of the tooth, they can cause gum recession. In young children, the frenulum under the tongue may be larger than normal. In such a case, children will have speech problems.

In addition, the presence of a large and thick frenulum between the lower and upper teeth will cause the teeth not to meet. This discomfort will lead to gaps between the teeth and aesthetic problems.

If large and thick frenulums cause gingival diseases, they should be removed from that area. In addition, thick and large frenulums located between the lower and upper incisors should be taken. After these frenulums are removed, additional treatment will be required for the person’s teeth to fuse. For this reason, orthodontic treatment should be applied to the person.

Our specialist dentists remove the thick and large frenulum tissue within minutes with a procedure called Frenectomy (lip/tongue tie removal). We take this tissue with the help of a laser using the most advanced technology. Our professional dentists conclude the procedure in a short and non-bleeding way.

In some cases, large and deep tissue requires a surgical application. In such a case, our patient is sutured. Our specialist dentist completes the procedure painlessly with local anesthesia. Afterwards, the patient spends the healing process comfortably by using regular care and medication. After this procedure, there is no scar.

Lip Tie Removal Prices

We provide the professional service that we never give up on providing you, also in the process of getting lip ties. Our specialists in the field practically remove the tissue that causes distress.

The prices of frenectomy (lip/tongue tie removal) vary depending on the structure of the tissue and which method will be used. Therefore, you can make an appointment with us for our lip tie removal prices. In addition, it will be enough to call us to benefit from our dental health service and to get more information.