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Gum Bleeding

While brushing our teeth, our gums can bleed for many reasons. The main cause of bleeding gums is plaque accumulating on the edges of the gums. Also, plaque accumulation causes inflamed gums. When it comes to dental health, you should not think of only the caries of the teeth. The health of all the elements in your mouth is within the scope of dental health. For this reason, gum health is as important as teeth in the field of oral and dental health.

Causes of Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding is a result, not a cause. You can prevent this result by getting help from our specialist dentists. You need to do your daily oral and dental care properly. In addition, you can have an examination by visiting our dentists at least once every six months.

Our experienced dentists will easily identify all problems related to your oral health. Sharing the problems, you experience with our dentist during the examination will facilitate the diagnosis of possible dental diseases. Our dentist may order some tests in some cases. After all these procedures, the cause of bleeding of the gum tissue is determined. Appropriate treatment can then be started.

Bleeding of the gingival tissue may be due to reasons other than gingival diseases. Common causes of gingival bleeding are listed as;

  • Brushing the teeth too hard,
  • Using dental floss incorrectly,

. Smoking,

  • Malnutrition,
  • Vitamin deficiency,
  • Heart disease,
  • Experiencing hormonal changes,
  • Malocclusion,
  • Infection,
  • Diabetes
  • Using anticoagulant drugs.

Contact Us for Gum Bleeding

In the treatment of bleeding of the gum tissue, you must first give priority to your oral health care. We recommend that you apply to our experienced dentists and undergo a dental

examination twice a year. You should brush your teeth correctly with the right toothbrush. In addition, you should minimize the formation of dental plaque by using dental floss.

Our specialized staff will provide quality and high standards of service for the treatment of gingival bleeding. You may have any disease that causes bleeding in your gums. In such a case, we recommend that you make an appointment with our experienced dentists and be treated. Our dentists will make your treatment with the best quality equipment. Thus, with the treatment method of our dentists, who are the best in their field, you will prevent tooth loss that you may encounter in the future.