Fiber Application

Fiber post is dental treatment. If there is no solid surrounding around the tooth and excessive mass loss has occurred, the treatment performed by placing fiber rods into the root canal is called fiber application. This application is used if there is irreversible damage to the tooth. Again, in cases where the jawbone is insufficient, this application is applied in prosthetic dental treatments, in the treatment of decayed or missing teeth where the filling will be missing. It is a process that comes into play after the root canal treatment is done. Post core, fiber post dental process, in other words, is used according to the extent of the patient’s tooth damage. The procedure is carried out professionally by dentists who are experts in their field in our clinic.

How is Fiber Post Application Made?

Tooth root canal treatment must be done before fiber application is made to the tooth. If the tooth mass is removed after the root canal treatment is completed and there is no problem in the tooth roots, fiber is applied. The canal and pulp chamber (the part where the nerves that provide the vitality of the tooth are located) are shaped by the dentist.

By taking the measure of the shaped canal, studies are started in the laboratory to make metal posts and core. Again, the process continues with the addition of fiber rods to the tooth tissue, which is measured and shaped by the dentist. These sticks, which are placed inside the root canal, are extremely reliable in terms of durability as they are used with an adhesive material.

After cleaning the excess parts of the adhesive applied to the formed channel and fiber rods, it is hardened with ray. The fiber post outside the root is covered with a filler and then reduced. The reason for the natural appearance after the process is the use of ceramic materials.

Advantages of Fiber Post Application

Fiber application, which is supportive for dental treatments, is very advantageous for both the patient and the dentist.

-It allows deep caries to be treated without losing the root of the tooth.

-With the help of a fiber rod, the resistance of the tooth is increased by taking support from the root of the tooth.

-Possible tooth loss is prevented by this method.

– It stops the infection in the teeth, prevents the progression of the damage.

-It also protects the tissues at the root tip in case of infections that occur in the tooth.

-After this procedure, the tooth regains vitality.

-It improves the quality of life as it will prevent patients from being toothless.