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Snoring Treatment

Snoring Treatment

Today, snoring is one of the unbearable problems of many people. For this reason, many people seek treatment for snoring. Snoring is a disease with a cure. In our clinic, we find solutions to your snoring problems and treat them.

Snoring is the biggest obstacle to our efficient sleep. When efficient sleep is not provided, our daily life may be disrupted due to insomnia. To eliminate snoring and to know the cause, a specialist’s support should be obtained, and treatment should be started.

The size of the snoring may also be in the dimensions that require urgent intervention. Snoring by being breathless, which we call sleep apnea, is quite dangerous and paves the way for permanent disorders after continuous apnea attacks. In addition, people who snore constantly by being out of breath have permanent blood pressure disorders.

The main reason for snoring is that the airway between the nose and mouth is blocked or narrow. When breathing vibrates and turns into a snoring sound, there may be situations that cause discomfort around you. The causes of snoring by age groups may also be different.

In the pediatric age group, the tissues in the throat are larger than they should be. This is the main cause of snoring in children. Examples of these are the size of the tonsils and adenoids. Weight gain also shows parallelism with snoring. The snoring problem of the child group disturbs the children in the later stages and the families demand that snoring be treated.

How Is Snoring Treated?

The snoring problem is seen in most people. Snoring occurs due to simple reasons such as nasal congestion. Preventing snoring depends on healthy life and a balanced light diet. Snoring treatment is applied by specialists with correct determinations and the problem is resolved.

What is the Snoring Prosthesis?

One of the measures taken by specialists to prevent snoring is the use of a snoring prosthesis. A snoring prosthesis is applied by attaching it to the lower and upper teeth. The prosthesis attached to the lower jaw opens the air channels by pulling the jaw forward. With a very simple method, snoring is treated by opening the air channels. The use of prosthesis, which is very cost-effective, provides a simple solution to snoring. It can be used anywhere due to its portable size. Thus, the snoring problem, which causes serious discomfort, can be eliminated with simple methods. In our clinic, both your oral and dental health are taken care of, and snoring treatment is applied.