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Fluoride Application

Fluoride Application

Fluoride is an element that prevents tooth decay by strengthening the structure of the teeth. It is an element found in the water we drink, in the air, and foods such as meat, fish, eggs and tea, and it increases the resistance of the tooth against caries. This element is found in trace amounts in toothpaste and contributes to the protective aspect of the pastes. Fluoride application aims to prevent, slow down or completely stop dental caries in children, adolescents and young people. For this purpose, it is the process of applying agents such as varnish, gel, the solution to the surface of the teeth.

Tooth enamel is a structure that covers the tooth. Since tooth enamel is not fully mature when it first starts to erupt, newly erupted teeth are much weaker against caries and more prone to caries formation. Here fluoride helps to strengthen this tooth enamel and protects teeth against acid attacks. It also fights the formation of new dental caries. Fluoride tablets are also available for children. However, nowadays, the application of fluoride finds it more appropriate to take the fluoride locally under the control of a dentist instead of taking it by mouth in a systematic way. Professional surface fluoride application can only be applied by dentists. This is a protective method. It is applied by your dentist in the form of fluoride gel at intervals of 3-6-12 months in the clinic environment and on all surfaces of all teeth.

How is Fluoride Application Made?

The dentist can administer fluoride therapy in several different ways. The teeth are dried so that the fluoride does not dilute. It is then applied to the tooth surface in the form of gel, foam or varnish. Fluoride can be applied directly to the teeth with a brush. Or it can be applied between 1 and 4 minutes with the help of a spoon.

When and How Often Should Fluoride Application Be Made?

It is applied during the development period of teeth in children. Flour gel application can be effective for 4 to 6 months, depending on the caries risk group your child has. At the end of these periods, it must be repeated. However, your dentist should decide on the frequency of these applications and which type of application to choose, with a special program that he/she will prepare for your child. It is not recommended to use it for a long time, side effects may occur over time. In addition to all these, mouthwashes containing fluoride will also add help. You can also apply fluoride in our clinic accompanied by a specialist doctor.