Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery

Maxillofacial and Dental Surgery

Maxillofacial and dental surgery is a field of dentistry that treats aesthetic, functional and phonetic problems in the tissues of the mouth, jaw, and face with medical or surgical procedures.

Jaw Joint Diseases Treatment

Treatment is required for problems such as noise in the jaw, locking in the jaw, pain or limitation of mouth opening while eating. For this, impacted or complicated teeth can be extracted, cysts or tumors in the jaw can be treated, infections and fractures in the mouth, jaw and face can be treated. For this, you should go to the department of maxillofacial and dental surgery.

Wisdom Teeth

They are the third molars, that come out last on both sides of the jaw. Although the wisdom teeth come out between the ages of 16 and 20, they should be removed when there is no room in the mouth.

Jaw Cysts

It is also known as a mucous cyst or oral cyst. They are small, fluid-filled sacs in the mouth and are painless. However, if the patient feels any discomfort, he or she should consult a doctor.

Impacted Teeth (Embedded teeth / Unerupted Teeth)

These are teeth that are in the patient’s jawbone and cannot take their normal position. Usually, wisdom teeth and sometimes canine teeth can be impacted. In this case, orthodontic treatment can be applied, or the teeth may be withdrawn.

Digital Anesthesia

The anesthetic solution is adjusted according to the patient’s tissue pressure. A special gel is applied to the patient’s area to be anaesthetized. In this way, for those who are afraid of dentists more comfortable process and anesthesia is applied painlessly. This method is suitable for all ages.

Laser Dentistry

Laser treatment, which is also frequently used by the maxillofacial and dental surgery department, is used in methods such as cleaning tooth decay, removing root cysts, removing bone in tooth extraction, removing discoloration due to hyperpigmentation in the gums.